Marlies Dekkers & Billie Holiday

For the E-commerce team I got the possibility to make the (mostly) online campaigns. I started introducing animations to get extra attention for the brand and products,, made a new newsletter template, updated the app layout and so much more. At this client I can combine storytelling with UX/E-commerce. And that is always a very interesting and challenging field. The brand inspires me by the driven people but also by the strategy Feminine Feminist. Working together as a team is part of that and for a freelancer it’s a very good position to work in.

THE Newsletter

This whole collections was inspired by Billie Holiday. The badass queen of blues:) 

The offline style was very playfull. Making this newsletter was like solving a kubrix. It had to have the playfullness of offline material but had the limitations of the online channels. And that is very fun to do. This whole campaign from landingspage to google banner was designed in this style. 


Nieuwsbrief Marlies Dekkers

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