Redesign Hofmann & Hofmann / Awwwards mention

Sometimes hard work pays off. My husband and I decided to redesign our Hofmann & Hofmann site. We did everything ourselves. The strategy, concept, illustrating, animating etc.. I just loved working on this design and making the illustrations and animations. We had so much fun. And then we decided to enter awwwards just to see how we would do and if we could even pass the bar. I always look at awwwards to see the best examples in the industry. The best agencies showcase their work. And then suddenly we got a mail. Our site got a honorable mention! We’re so proud we made this site at our attic with 100 euro budget for the music, Adobe, programs and hosting. To even be mentioned between such great sites is an honor and now the jury decided we got an honorable mention! We’re so happy because with this site we just followed our guts and didn’t follow the fashion but our own company motto. We want help businesses fulfill their dreams and goals with creativity and good strategy. 

Click here to see the Hofmann and Hofmann site.

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